Pidgin 2.4.0 and russian

  • Alexey Shtykov

    Alexey Shtykov - 2008-03-31

    Hi! There's more than one russian language encoding in ICQ. Pidgin try to recognize them, but sometimes it makes wrong choice and i see something unreadable instead of russian text. How can I setup Pidgin to use more than one codepage (for example windows-1251 and utf-8)?

    • Etan Reisner

      Etan Reisner - 2008-03-31

      You can't, not really. Welcome to ICQ, it unfortunately does not handle character set information at all well or sanely. I beleve the best you can do is configure pidgin to expect the encoding most of your buddies use and hope that it works for everyone. For futher information you can search the pidgin tickets on there may be more in some of the (possibly closed) tickets.


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