Cannot connect to MSN

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  • David R Mulligan

    Since around mdnight est last night I have not been able to connect to MSN.  I've even tried the http method which did not work either and now causes gaim to crash on startup.

    Back to the normal method and I get "Connection error from notfication server ( Unable to connect."


    • Tim Ringenbach

      Tim Ringenbach - 2005-01-23

      MSN's server is down. This isn't a Gaim problem, nor is it something Gaim can help with, do anything about, or provide much information about. Specificly, going into #gaim and asking about isn't likely to help.

    • David R Mulligan

      Sorry I did not know that.  I just came back to say that its back up and likely a server problem :)

      I thought it was yet another protocol change.


    • Scissorsoft

      Scissorsoft - 2005-01-23

      I've just tried connecting through MSN messenger and it connects fine.  Whereas GAIM still cannot.

      Maybe MSN was down for a few hours whilst they switched to a version that locks out gaim?

    • Scissorsoft

      Scissorsoft - 2005-01-23

      Sorry, don't panic about a protocol change. When genuine msn messenger connected just now it must have been a fluke because it only stayed connected for a few minutes before being disconnected again.

    • Thomas E. Canter

      I just downloaded the latest version after a 2 year timeout.
      I cannot logon to my MSN accout at all.

      I do not believe that this is an MSN problem becuase I was able to immediately log in with my MSN account.

    • Mayco

      Mayco - 2005-01-23

      when i use the non-http method, it doesn't work
      when i use the http method, it works

      i am behind a NAT, but no proxy or firewall. It looks like the HTTP patch broke something...

      • Lee Roach

        Lee Roach - 2005-01-23

        Guys, Gaim is fine. Point your blame to the MSN messenger servers. Official MSN client says: "We were unable to sign you in to .NET Messenger Service, possibly because of a problem with the service or with your internet connection. Please make sure that you are connected to the Internet.", while dies with an ASP error message. Why can't y'all just trust Tim (marv_sf) when he says the servers are down.

        Can we put this topic to rest now, please?

    • pike

      pike - 2005-01-23

      Ok but the annoying part is that gaim continues to try to connect to the Windows Messenger server even though I unchecked "auto-login".

    • Anonymous - 2005-01-23

      Well when I use the http method it does not work. I have just tried to access the website, it  tells me the 'server is too busy'.  Trying to access the website and the website both give me some kind of runtime error I've never seen before.  The AIM/ICQ account appears to connect fine.  Looks like an MSN network problem to me for the moment.

    • Paolo Conti

      Paolo Conti - 2005-01-23

      I have found a workaround:
      - put on "Login server"
      - the port is the same (1863)
      - the HTTP method is not checked

      It's working for me right now...

      • Leif Sawyer

        Leif Sawyer - 2005-02-08

        I tried hard-coding the very specific login server that pconti mentioned, and I'm now logged in.

        We'll see how long it stays up, but for now... good news.

    • Cyblix

      Cyblix - 2005-01-26

      It seems to me I haven't been able to connect to MSN for a couple of weeks now. I'd hate to think that the MSN server has been down for that long.

      When I try to connect gaim gets to the part where it sends the password and then I get an error dialog that says:

      <error> has been disconnected.

      Wed Jan 26 10:28:20 2005
      Unable to connect to server

      This certainly could be because the server is down but has it really been down for the past two weeks? To me that seems unlikely.

      • Felipe Contreras

        Is that with Gaim 1.1.2? I don't think so because the new version has more detailed error messages.

        Anyway, you should get a debug log "gaim -d > debug.log" and post a bug report.

    • Cyblix

      Cyblix - 2005-01-26

      Good call! I am using Gaim 1.1.1. My apologies! I'll try v1.1.2 and see what happens.

      I wasn't able to generate the log file. When I ran "gaim -d > debug.log" a second cmd window popped up (with Gaim as the title) where all the output showed up. When I quit Gaim I found debug.log to be empty (0 bytes).

      • Daniel Atallah

        Daniel Atallah - 2005-01-26

        If you're using wingaim, you will need to have the debug version to get the debug output like that.  The non debug version will use a separate console for output even if you start it from the cmd prompt.

        You can also just select the text from the console that pops up an copy and paste it into a text editor.

    • Cyblix

      Cyblix - 2005-01-26

      Ok, I upgraded to v1.1.2. I still get the connection error:

      <error> has been disconnected.

      Wed Jan 26 11:50:19 2005
      Unable to authenticate: Unable to connect

      I'm still having trouble capturing the debug output. Any suggestions with that would be welcome.

      • Felipe Contreras

        That's weird, that error message still doesn't correspond to 1.1.2, AFAIK.

        Anyway, you can go to Help->Debug Window, and there you can see the debug output so you can copy/paste it.

    • Cyblix

      Cyblix - 2005-01-27

      The About dialog claims I have Gaim v1.1.2. I posted a bug report on the bug tracker:

      [ 1110174 ] WinGaim Cannot Connect To MSN

      I attached a file with the debug output. I hope that will help determine what's going on. Thanks!

    • diediedie

      diediedie - 2005-01-27

      I am using GAIM behind corporate firewall. I have problem connecting to MSN. Please help. Here is all the settings that I had tried :-

      Configuration A
      Server :
      Port : 1863
      Http method : unchecked
      With HTTP proxy (set to my company proxy server:80)
      Error message = Unable to connect

      Configuration B
      Server :
      Port : 1863
      Http method : CHECKED
      With HTTP proxy (set to my company proxy server:80)
      Error message = Writing ERROR

      If I do not set the company proxy, it just doesnot work at all.

      Does anyone know any other login server and port that i can use for the HTTP connection? When I use orginal MSN messenger software or MSN from the website, there is no problem connecting. There must be some protocol in MSN messenger http settings that GAIM doesnt have.

      Please help anyone .!!!!

      • Felipe Contreras

        Are you sure that HTTP proxy works? It seems it doesn't.

        Also please try without setting the HTTP proxy, both with and without HTTP method.

        BTW. You should not try HTTP method with a proxy.

    • sophana

      sophana - 2005-02-10

      I am behind a restricted firewall and cannot connect.
      I have access to some ports (80,25,22,etc...)

      My official ms messenger does connects ok.

      Anybody has a clue?

      yahoo does also connect with gaim.

      • Luke Schierer

        Luke Schierer - 2005-02-10

        try selecting to use the "http method" in your account options.

    • sophana

      sophana - 2005-02-10

      hmmm finally it seems that we have port 1863 activated.

      it now connects with port 1863.

      When I click http it don't work anymore.

    • zensbikeshop

      zensbikeshop - 2005-02-11

      The above workaround does not work for me.

      Whatever I try I get

      Unable to authenticate : Unable to connect

      as error message.


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