MSN via firewall (account configuration?)

  • brucef

    brucef - 2005-02-16

    I use gaim to access MSN from home (direct dialup linux box) without problem, but I have never got it working from my work machine (Win2K, firewall, gaim 1.1.2). I have been using trillion instead, but that has recently broken so I thought I might switch to gaim rather than upgrade trillion.

    If I use the default settings ("use http" unchecked, "use global proxy settings") the connection gets as far as "starting authentication", hangs for a bit, then fails with "Unable to authenticate: Unable to Connect".

    If I check "use http" and specify the http proxy and port (copied from my netscape config) then the connection doesn't even get past "Handshaking" and fails (eventually) with "Connection error from Notification server ( Reading error"

    I feel completely clueless, but I can't seem to find any documentation to explain what the account configuration fields actually mean, or how to use them. Any suggestions?

    • outlaw79

      outlaw79 - 2005-03-01

      Hi, I use gaim 1.1.4 and I have the same problem. I tried different login servers but no one works fine.

      Thanks in advance

    • avenue

      avenue - 2005-03-03

      Using Gaim 1.1.4, Win XP, Firewall/Proxy and also have the exact same problem as brucef. 

      Not using HTTP gets me further but dies also at the authentication.  username and password have been the same for years and I have triple checked them.

      Using HTTP (which works in MSN itself) with the same proxy settings as I use in MSN and it doesn't get past the handshaking.

      Any help is geatly appreciated.


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