Multiple Instances [win32]?

  • thamaht

    thamaht - 2005-01-01

    After getting the most recent release version (1.1.1) multiple instances seems to be [[disabled]].

    I read the FAQ [heh], and I looked through every in program option I could see, and see nowhere to enable them.  Unless GAIM has gone to AIM/DeadAIM style linked users (2 buddy lists in one window, collapseable) as opposed to the way it looks to be doing it now (combined lists, no control over which screen name sends messages), I need to run 2 instances..

    Is there a simple way of doing this?

    • thamaht

      thamaht - 2005-01-01

      Crap.  [[disabled]] was supposed to be a link to the screenshot of the dialog box I got when I tried to open Gaim the second time.  Forgot to go back and put it in:

    • Luke Schierer

      Luke Schierer - 2005-01-01

      there is an environment variable that does this. SimGuy or datallah mentioned it either here in the forum or in the support tracker.

    • DaRocker22

      DaRocker22 - 2005-01-02

      You don't need multiple instances, just one. Gaim allows you to run more than one screen name from the same protocol. If you have 2 AIM accounts and a buddy only on one of them, when you click on their name to send an IM it uses the screen name as to which account you have that buddy stored on.

      If you have the same buddy on both AIM accounts they will show up twice in your buddylist, and if you hover over their name it tells you which account they are on.

      Also from your IM window you have the option to select Send As from the file menu to see which account you are sending it from or to switch which account you want to send it as.

      • Luke Schierer

        Luke Schierer - 2005-01-02

        you might want multiple instances if you were using the -c option to direct gaim at different .gaim directories, or if you are testing something gaim related. but overall you wouldn't, because the two gaim instances really would compete with each other, gaim is designed for multi-connection use, though like any unix program it _allows_ multiple instances.


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