Access Gaim from website?

  • xxviperzlairxx

    xxviperzlairxx - 2004-12-24

    I really don't know how to word this to search for it so I will explain it here.

    I would like to know if it is possible to have gaim run on my website 24/7 so that I can check the log or whatever so that I don't miss any messages when my computer is off.

    If you could point me in the right direction or just tell me if it is possible it would help alot, thanks.

    • DaRocker22

      DaRocker22 - 2004-12-24

      No, you can not run Gaim from your website.

      • xxviperzlairxx

        xxviperzlairxx - 2004-12-25

        No necessarily gaim itself. But have my website somehow intercept messages while I am offline, and save the logs so that I can read them.

    • Dave

      Dave - 2004-12-25

      I'm still a little uncertain of what exactly you're looking for, but depending on what type of system you're running on you could setup a schedule/cron job to copy the gaim log files to a readable directory from the web (assuming your webserver is on the same machine as gaim) or ftp them somewhere.


      • Michael Cronenworth

        The only problem is that he does not run his computer all the time...

        Why can't you leave your machine on? Are you on dial-up? Otherwise... leave your computer on if you want to receive messages over night.

    • xxviperzlairxx

      xxviperzlairxx - 2004-12-28

      I would like all my messages to be captured on a website, so that then i can go read the logs to get my messages.

      And by captured on the website, I mean not having to run gaim on my PC. But instead something on the website that will intercept the messages sent to me.

      I could also get my messages from any computer with access to the internet.

    • DaRocker22

      DaRocker22 - 2004-12-28

      If you own the Server your website is on, then Install Gaim on your Server, but if you don't own it and do not have shell/terminal access then what your wanting to do is NOT POSSIBLE.

      Gaim is a Desktop Application not a Server Application


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