Grismar - 2004-09-24


I have a rather specific problem and am aware that the problem may well be with TightVNC and not Gaim, but here goes:

When I have a TightVNC session open to the system that is running Gaim, Gaim will hang or respond badly to opening menu's and comboboxes. (note: the TightVNC server is running Gaim, the client isn't)

Most menu's in Gaim -will- open, that is produce a gray box where the menu should be, but the meny doesn't get filled. When I click the gray box, as if it were filled, nothing happens, but the gray box closes again.

When I open a combobox, like the one in the configuration window for adding IM services, Gaim will hang. Once again, the gray box is displayed, but after that Gaim is irresponsive (I've allowed for more than 5 minutes to time out) and I have to kill the process.

I'm using Gaim 1.0.0 and TightVNC 1.2.9 (both systems) on Windows 2000 (both systems) on a LAN. Before I post a bug to the proper authorities, I'd like to know if anyone here is having the same problems and/or knows how to solve it.