Can't start new paragraph in user info editor

  • Silver Fang

    Silver Fang - 2008-01-14

    When I edit my AIM account user info, I can't hit the Enter key to create a new line. I was able to do this in the old Gaim. Why can't I do it in Pidgin?

    • Etan Reisner

      Etan Reisner - 2008-01-15

      Because you need to use shift-enter or ctrl-enter, which should work in every multi-line input area in pidgin. Whereas Enter is generally reserved for 'complete action' so Send in the conversation window, 'Set message' in the status selector, 'Close dialog' in dialog boxes, etc.

    • Silver Fang

      Silver Fang - 2008-01-16

      That did the trick. Thank you.


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