Leo - 2011-06-13


I’ve started using pidgin a few days ago. I like it but they are a few things that annoy me.  I’ve looking for a solution but I didn’t find any:
- View contacts by email? I always seen my contacts by their email. I don’t even know who they are by their names (which changes constantly). I can’t manually rename hundreds of contacts.
- Groups? I don’t even know I have groups defined on my social accounts. Pidgin grouping this way has no sense to me. I want to see my contacts organized by their  status with the icon showing where they belong. I don’t want to see groups I’ve never defined and that has no sense to me.
- Skinning? The conversation window is awful. It’s looks like the ICQ window from 15 years ago. I’ve tried to apply themes (successfully?) but the conversation window layout remains. Can it be changed to some more beautiful layout? (like a balloon theme, like the beautiful ubuntu’s empathy)

Can anyone help me with some of that?