Yahoo problems

  • Rescue9

    Rescue9 - 2004-12-10

    I seem to be having problems with some yahoo for some reason. I'm not sure if this is an isolated instance, or if this is widespread.

    At times... yahoo seems to "lag out". Let me explain... I'll be typing to clients, and see that they are typing back. After a little while, the typing status will freeze, and I will not get any incomming messages. From what I can tell, people will see what I send them, I just can't see what they send me.

    I am not sure if it is associated with a web page that I visit or not, but it seems to happen more than not when i'm surfing the net. If I restart gaim, or logout then log back into yahoo, it fixes the problem for a while... but then when I surf, it will happen again eventually. I am running 1.1.0 and from what I can tell, this happens on both linux and windows clients (not too sure though cause I haven't been in linux lately).

    I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, but I'm not really sure if its a systemwide problem or not.

    • coreyb

      coreyb - 2004-12-18

      I have a similar problem, and it only seems to effect Yahoo. Basically it seems to time out and just lockup after a while. If I disconnect and reconnect it works fine for a while longer and then jsut stops again. ICQ and MSN keep on working through all of this though.

      I think it was happening in earlier versions of Gaim too, but it's doing it on 1.1.0 here.

      Anyone have suggestions for problem shooting? I wonder if the Yahoo protocol sends unrequested messages that are either being blocked by my firewall or NAT setup. Any thoughts?

    • Corfy

      Corfy - 2004-12-19

      I just installed Gaim and I seem to be having a similar problem with the Yahoo portion.

      I can type and send a message through Yahoo and it will be sent, but whenever someone replies to me, I don't get  it, no matter how much time passes.

      AOL and MSN work fine (the only other IM clients I have tried, because they are the only ones I have people I talk to).

    • coreyb

      coreyb - 2004-12-19

      I've noticed that it only seems to be "receive" messages that go astray, not sends. I've also noticed that it only occurs if I'm browsing at the same time.

      I'm behind a NAT connection (Linksys WRT54G) and am thinking that it's perhaps causing the issue. That is not forwarding the requests on, but I doubt I can see this activity occuring on the router itself.

      Anyone else in a similar situation?

    • Rescue9

      Rescue9 - 2005-01-27

      I don't believe being behind a nat is causing the problem cause this didn't start till around 1.0.6 or so. I know this didn't happen any earlier than 1.0.4. I'll look into a bug on this... see what we can come up with.

      You are right though... this ONLY happens when browsing. It seems to only happen with gaim too, cause I use the native yahoo client at times.  This is a DEFINATE problem though. Being a computer consultant on the side, it doesn't look good to my clients when we go to chatting and all they see from me is "I can't see what you are typing if you are typing anything... I'll have to restart my program."

    • Andrew Corrigan

      Andrew Corrigan - 2005-01-27

      I've definetly had problems with both parties having dropped messages, even when both are using the official Yahoo client.  Seems to happen when both ends are firewalled AFAICT.  And it's been happening for years.

      Now, there may be something else up with GAIM though, as I have had an awful lot of dropped messages lately.


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