How to import *.clb for ICQ contacts?

  • akong

    akong - 2008-10-24

    My friend want use pidgin for icq protocol.
    But my contacts is used by import .clb file.
    I can't found any import function.
    How to import?
    Thanks a lot.

    • Etan Reisner

      Etan Reisner - 2008-10-24

      I don't know what a .clb file is but pidgin doesn't have any generic 'import' function. The List Handler plugin (from the Purple Plugin Pack) supports some amount of importing and exporting of buddy lists but does not (as far as I know) support .clb files.

      If .clb files are text files of some format then it should be possible to either write import code for them or write a script or some code to convert them into a format the List Handler plugin can handle (this is likely possible with a binary format as well but is likely to be a tad more difficult, especially if the format is not open).


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