Trouble compiling

  • Stephen Tellis

    Stephen Tellis - 2004-09-29

    I'm having no end of trouble compiling, the instructions are a bit terse for someone of my experience. Whenever I do try to compile there are errors that I just can't seem to fix. I was wondering if anyone that has Gaim compiling on Windows 9x/XP would make a package of the proper directory structure for the source and everything, with links to the programs required to compile on Windows. I was also wondering if it would be easier to compile with Knoppix on my Windows machine?

    Does anyone have Gaim Assistant and/or DeWYSIWYG plugins compiled/working with Gaim 1.0.0? Those are features that I would like to compile with.

    • DaRocker22

      DaRocker22 - 2004-09-29

      What errors are you getting when you compile?

      I have everything set up on my computer at home to compile Gaim on Windows XP. And I know that the directions Gaim's website for compiling on windows is a big vague and not easy for someone to follow.

      Here's some better directions to get it setup and working for you. Just go here and follow this, it pretty much downloads everything and sets up the directory structure, etc...


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