gaim_get_buddy_alias not found in gaim.dll

  • Stephen Tellis

    Stephen Tellis - 2004-09-26

    AMD Athlon XP
    Windows XP Home SP2
    Gaim 1.0.0, installed over 0.8.1

    Whenever I start Gaim I get an error that says "gaim.exe - Entry Point Not Found" in the title and "The procedure entry point gaim_get_buddy_alias could not be located in the dynamic link library gaim.dll"

    This does NOT crash Gaim, or seem to affect it in any way. Everything else works great.

    • Daniel Atallah

      Daniel Atallah - 2004-09-26

      You have an old plugin that is trying to use a function that is no longer there.  My guess is guifications, but it could be gaim-encryption or something else.


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