IRC Feature Request

  • Anonymous - 2001-06-22

    I am not sure how this would work, and perhaps it would require too much alteration of the IRC support, but is there a way to pass commands to the IRC server?

    For instance, right now, I'm logged into my IRC server without a problem. But, if I wanted to do a /help, it doesn't work. However, /whois does.

    I also need support for /msg to send a message to NickServ to pass my password and get my op rights...

    What about an addition to the Protocol Actions menu? To add something like "Pass command to IRC server" that would open a window and you could directly send commands to the server.

    • Sean Egan

      Sean Egan - 2001-06-22

      Currently the following work in a channel:
      /me, /mode, /op, /deop, /voice, /devoice, /whois, /topic, /join, /raw, /quote, /kick.

      Not including /msg when I implemented those commands in a patch was an oversight... I made /help but it didn't work... It's commented out in a Fixme... I can probably fix it when I get some free time.

      To /msg Nickserv to identify your nick, just send an IM to Nickserv: "identify [password]."  It takes some adjusting to think of IRC in an IM context.

      For other unimplemented commands, you can use the /raw command... for example:
      /raw PRIVMSG Seanegn :hello
      would send seanegan an IM, "hello."

      • Phillip T. George

        /raw -- Does not appear to work!
        Was the name of this changed?  The main problem I have is that I cannot use /oper, but if I had /raw, then it obviously wouldn't matter :)  Are there any docs on the IRC commands that are available in gaim?  Thanks.


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