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Conversations all pop up behind taskbar (win)

  • furball4

    furball4 - 2005-01-31

    I'm trying out Gaim on Windows, and conversation windows always appear at the top-left of my screen. Since I have my taskbar docked at the top, this means the titlebar of the conversation window is inaccessible. I know there are ways to move the window without grabbing the titlebar, but they are all too annoying to be used 100 times per day.

    I've searched the forums here and only found other people noting that on Windows, their window position is not saved... all of these posts have no response. I've also looked through the plugins but haven't seen anything that would help. So is there anything I can do?

    • furball4

      furball4 - 2005-01-31

      Nevermind... found a thread that suggests there is no way to fix this problem:

      • Daniel Atallah

        Daniel Atallah - 2005-01-31

        Good news.
        I was inspired and created a plugin as a workaround to this problem.

        Simply copy the DLL into your gaim\plugins directory and then load the plugin under Tools->Preferences->Plugins.

        As conversations are created, they this will verify that the window is visible and move it accordingly.

        • ibatterb

          ibatterb - 2005-03-15

          I'm not sure if I understand the purpose of this plugin.. I've just tried it, and I still get the conversation window popping up behind my buddy list at position (0,0)... I don't have the list docked against the left edge, but it is placed there in an undocked manner.. I wonder if that's why your DLL doesn't seem to make any difference.

          What I would like to see, and what I suspect the original poster was after, was for it to remember the position of the last conversation window . At the moment, I have to drag the window into the middle of the desktop so that I can see all of it at once, and this is quite an irritiating task to be done for every new conversation.

    • Gigas-VII

      Gigas-VII - 2005-03-16

      the DLL helped me.  It moved the window just below the edge of my Start bar.  Great job, datallah!!



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