SILC on W32

  • Dimitri Scheftelowitsch

    How can I register/use a new SILC account?

    • Petz

      Petz - 2004-05-31

      I also have the same question. Ive seen the screenshots on which show silc as an option in the protocol drop down box when adding a new account. But I dont have silc as an entry.

      Perhaps the windows binary was built without silc support?

      • Luke Schierer

        Luke Schierer - 2004-05-31

        the default builds aren't going to have it because almost no one has the silc toolkit installed. if there is enough demand for it, we may release binaries that were built with the assumption of it existing already.

        • Dimitri Scheftelowitsch

          Well, I've got the toolkit and compiled it. I've tried to throw libsilc.dll and libsilc-client.dll to the plugins directory, then restarted Gaim - no reaction.
          Wouldn't a short HOWTO be worth putting it into the FAQ?

          • Luke Schierer

            Luke Schierer - 2004-05-31

            yeah, you need libsilcgaim.dll, which wasn't compiled when the gaim installer was made. you'd have to recompile gaim as per

            • Daniel Atallah

              Daniel Atallah - 2004-05-31

              gaim's current SILC plugin will not compile on win32 unless it has a couple patches applied.

              I created a patch to make it possible, and then realized that someone else had already created a similar patch.

              I imagine that in the next few releases we will see wingaim distributed with silc support. If you really need to in the mean time you will have to manually patch and compile gaim.

    • Luke Schierer

      Luke Schierer - 2004-05-31


    • Gerald Cox

      Gerald Cox - 2004-06-01

      Would be nice to just go ahead and bundle in the same way that GTK is (a check off box in the installer).  I remember initially when WINGAIM first came out, prereqs had to be installed manually.  That doesn't work for the casual windows user. 

    • Petz

      Petz - 2004-07-11


      I would really like silc support under windows. I was going to compile the source myself but after looking at what it takes to make a build under windows I think ill leave it to someone who already has the build environment setup and configured. Also I have no idea if I need to download additional source code for SILC or where to get the patches datallah is talking about to allow it to work anyway.

      datallah, lschiere or a Dev would you be able to build me a binary please. With or without(Just tell me where to install it) the toolkit bundled.

    • Petz

      Petz - 2004-07-31

      Ok I finally found a build with silc for windows. Hope this helps everyone else thats looking for em. I slapped together a quick little page to host the files since Im not sure if the authors want people leeching from them. However a link to where I found each file is provided for those interested. Remember that these are NOT official gaim builds. But basic functionality is working for me with the 0.80 build exe.


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