terry - 2008-09-12

Hi I am still a noob even though I've used xandros since it was pretty new.

Can anyone give me some info or tell me where to go to find the details of installing pidgon?  I have the source downloaded but I see no instructions anywhere so far that I have searched. I would go to the xandros forums or ubuntu, but every time I have in the past it's a headache as so many many people  seem willing to help , but there is always some "click" like catch , like "all you do is put this in to here and you are done. You need to configure something first of course, which you should already have done , it's is simple".

And of couirse I can't use any of the help as I don't know what the heck the first thing I am supposed to psychically know how to do is or how to do it.

I have seen this for a few years now on almost every linux help site to some extent.  I have even asked to get some specific help a few times as to how to configure whatever the prior thing I am to have done before problem instaling firefox or making my flashplayer work, by explaining and asking to please start from scratch  or tell me where to go that will explain as if I am brand new to linux and still have recieved the typical " well if you configured this or that right it should work, just configure it, then we'll help you" .

It took me like two solid tears to finally locate a post somehwre that actually explained in simple english to place certain files for my flash player in the correct folder for xandros, and wow it took me kless than  2 minutes to have my flash player working.

So obviously I still need help with knowing what I do with the source that I have downloaded. Is there a way to make it a debian or rpm file, or ???
I hope this is the right place as I have been ignored for piosting a question in the wroing area in the past as well as if I would know the right area in a strange place to begin with.

Thanks in advance for any advice iof wher to go etc.