Two problems:

  • shaun

    shaun - 2008-04-06

    I'm using Pidgin 2.4 on Ubuntu Hardy Heron.

    1) My yahoo (every other protocol's display pic works) avatar will not show.

    2) One specific friend on my yahoo list can send me messages but cannot receive mine. The only way we can talk is if one of us initiates a conference.

    Are these heard of problems? If so, how do I fix them? Write back if you need more information to help diagnose these problems.

    • shaun

      shaun - 2008-04-12

      Anyone? This is seriously annoying;moreso the not being able to communicate with my friend thing. I can talk to him using meebo no problem, but this is far from an ideal solution.

    • Etan Reisner

      Etan Reisner - 2008-04-13

      This forum is largely ignored by everyone, you would do better to ask in the #pidgin irc channel or to search for existing tickets on these issues on (both open and closed). As to point two your comment in your other post about meebo working is intriguing. What plugins do you have loaded in pidgin? What are your privacy settings for your yahoo account in pidgin?

    • shaun

      shaun - 2008-04-13

      Yeah, the past few days I've been in IRC. Largely, nobody can help.I've been told by a few people the the avatars in yahoo have always been iffy. It just sucks that I've never had a problem with them until 2.4.1 update. As for my second problem, I've tried talking to him with fresh installs with no plugins, with plugins and so on. Privacy settings are set to allow only users on my buddy list, but again I've tried other settings for that too. It's just so peculiar it only affects him, only through pidgin, and only on yahoo protocol.

      • Etan Reisner

        Etan Reisner - 2008-04-14

        I'm assuming your friend doesn't have this problem with any other people and that if you log in with some other client you can talk to him normally?

    • shaun

      shaun - 2008-04-13

      I could always use Kopete, but I much prefer pidgin to it.

    • shaun

      shaun - 2008-04-15

      Correct. To clarify more, even other protocol through pidgin i.e AIM, or MSN will allow me to talk to him. I just rarely use AIM, and he rarely uses MSN. Yahoo is our commonground


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