ONE of my MSN account can't connect

  • Harvey King

    Harvey King - 2008-12-06

    Dear all:

    I am on Linux and I've been on Gaim/Pidgin for years.  Many of my friends start using this great software because of my lobbying effort :D

    I've encounter a rather strange problem lately.  I am using Pidgin as it intended:  multiple protocols, multiple accounts, etc.  I typically runs Yahoo, GTalk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, and etc.  In case of MSN, I typically run 3 accounts at the same time.  One for work, one for personal, one for not-so-pretty women I've dated...

    ONE of the MSN account can no longer connect.   Let me repeat.  Just *ONE* of the MSN account can no longer connect when I am *HOME*

    When I am at work, where I have to go through a company's http proxy, everything works.

    Can someone give me a pointer on how to resolve this issue of having just one of three MSN is not working when I am not connected via my company's http proxy?


    confused Harv
    Ubuntu Hardy / x86

    • Harvey King

      Harvey King - 2008-12-08

      Dear all:

      I really need a bit help here.  It is not a typical crash, which I can try to get a stacktrace by following the instruction. 

      out of three MSN account, only one couldn't connect properly.  I can use the full blown MSN Messenger and the troubled account can log on without problem.

      when i tried to use pidgin to log on to the account at the same time, MS MSN Messenger promptly told me that "this account has been log on at a different location" and log me off.

      This means pidgin actually registered...

      But on the pidgin side, nothing really happens... sometimes, some of the offline message get displayed.  but none of the people on my buddy list is shown.

      There were some "buddy list synchronization" issue, which I had to click something like 100 "ok" to save the buddy list... would this has anything to do with it?

      What kind of information can I provide for those who are kind enough to take a look at it?  I've been using GAIM for a long time, it's hard to live without it :)

      thanks in advance


    • Harvey King

      Harvey King - 2008-12-08

      ok, here is what I did.

      because i typically runs 3 MSN accounts at the same time, I actually add myself to each of the account, at the time, for testing Gaim/Pidgin purposes.

      I am having problem log-onto my main account "A."  My account B (work account intended to give it out to customers) has "A" on my buddy list and it is working properly.

      It is clear that my account "A" registered to the MSN server (hence, kick out myself from the MS MSN client), but none of the buddy on my buddy list is displayed.

      So, I use my account "B"  to send an appeared "offline" message to my Account "A"  While Pidgin doesn't say anything about my account "A" is online or anything, this "offline message" got displayed on my conversation box immediately.

      I think this is a major issue with the status/buddy list with the Pidgin software.  any help would be appreciated.  thanks


    • luminous lemon

      luminous lemon - 2008-12-12

      i've never used linux but have you tried backing up your preferences & logs, and completely removing pidgin, then reinstalling? could be a corrupt blist file or something.

      although im on windows, i am logged into 3 msn accounts all the time and don't experience the issues you are having. good luck


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