Frequent errors with MSN

  • c0Ld

    c0Ld - 2004-11-05

    Useing WinGaim 1.03.

    I frequently get 'Error connecting to switchboard server' errors on both of my MSN accounts with gaim 1.03. Anyone else have this issue? Is there a fix?

    • c0Ld

      c0Ld - 2004-11-05

      Er, 1.0.2. Sorry, been a long day, half asleep here.

    • RmZ

      RmZ - 2004-11-05

      yeah i get this problem, it doesnt seem to cause any problems tho.

    • c0Ld

      c0Ld - 2004-11-05

      It causes problems for me, pops up on me in the middle of when I'm doing stuff =(

    • simon

      simon - 2004-11-10

      I get this as well using both wingaim and gaim for linux (both 1.0.2).

      I find when I start a new MSN conversation, the first four or so messages I send will pop up this error, and the messages won't get through.. then magically the fifth message gets through fine and it's away laughing.

      So.. I'm assuming when it pops up randomly (i.e. I'm not starting a new conversation), it's telling me I just missed a message from someone?

    • Colin Kelly

      Colin Kelly - 2004-11-12

      Same Issues here although it doesnt seem to be much of a problem except for it being more of an anoyance. I havent noticed any missed messages yet.

    • ktml

      ktml - 2004-11-12

      Same Issue, got problem sending messages, not sure about receiving message. Getting it more and more frequently

    • huesage

      huesage - 2004-11-12

      I have the same issue with MSN, i get the error connecting to switchboard very frequently and is becoming a big hassle.

      although i have more symptoms then others it seems, when I start an msn conversation, on the first couple of messages i get the error, every error that i get means the message i sent did not get delivered to the recipient.

      this only happens when i start an MSN conversation for the few first messages, then i keep saying "hello, hello, hello ..." until i do not get the switchboard error and then everything works like it should.

      This is extreemly bothersome since I have to go through it with almost all MSN conversations, although it does seem to happen after idle time on my side.

      If anyone needs any information or has any questions that might help in finding a fix for this very very disturbing problem, please do not hesitate to ask me.

    • Justin

      Justin - 2004-11-12

      Yeah, I too have the same problem.  I have ignored it, because I only seldom get it, but it is consistant.  I have 1.0.2, on both win2k and slack10, both yield the same problems.  I think v1.0.3 will have this fixed.


    • J.B.

      J.B. - 2004-11-29

      Everybody has the same problem. Friends of mine already gave up using Gaim because of this one. It is not a little problem, I get it 50 TIMES a day ! I use Linux and Windows, both have this. In 1.0.3 it is still not fixed. I really like Gaim a lot, but I am going to give up too if this one is not adressed soon :'(

    • Eduardo Perez Ureta

      The message oversize sending is fixed in CVS:
      Wait for the next version or get it from oldstatus CVS.

    • David R Mulligan

      Gaim 1.1.0 solved this for me.


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