DeathfireD - 2008-10-18

At first I thought the MSN servers where down but after pulling up GAIM's debug menu and later pidgin's, I noticed MSN's servers where disconnecting me and sending a message. Here's what I saw in my debug menu.

dnsquery: Performing DNS lookup for
dnsquery: IP resolved for
proxy: Attempting connection to
proxy: Connecting to with no proxy
proxy: Connection in progress
proxy: Connected.
msn: C: NS 000: VER 4 MSNP9 MSNP8 CVR0
msn: S: NS 000: VER 4 MSNP9
msn: C: NS 000: CVR 5 0x0409 winnt 5.1 i386 MSNMSGR 6.0.0602 MSMSGS
msn: S: NS 000: CVR 5 8.1.0178 8.1.0178 8.1.0178
msn: C: NS 000: USR 9 TWN I
msn: S: NS 000: 601 9
msn: C: NS 000: OUT
account: Disconnecting account 00BE5C70
connection: Disconnecting connection 019CCFE8
msn: destroy httpconn (01A3CF88)
connection: Destroying connection 019CCFE8

I download the MSN messenger client and I can connect fine. Is Microsoft's blocking 3rd party clients now or is this just me misunderstanding the message?