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yahoo disconnecting every hour

  • luminous lemon

    luminous lemon - 2008-10-21

    yahoo disconnects in 2.5.1 were rare, very rare. since upgrading to 2.5.2 all my yahoo accounts disconnect every hour (and its annoying as they don't automatically reconnect).

    im on xp3.

    • joe935

      joe935 - 2008-10-21

      With 2.5.1 yahoo would disconnect once or twice a day.
      5 hours ago I installed 2.5.2 have not had a disconnect so far.

    • luminous lemon

      luminous lemon - 2008-10-23

      it stopped today. no disconnects yet.  must have been the servers.

    • Carl

      Carl - 2008-11-26

      I can't connect to yahoo at all using Pidgin (or with another client either) but the Yahoo client works.  It was tried under Windows XP, Vista, and Ubuntu.  Any thoughts.

      Thanks,          Carl


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