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Autohide on sign in

  • Guille

    Guille - 2005-01-27

    This is a feature I really liked in ICQ and would love to also have in Gaim. I connect to MSN, and would like to be hidden as soon as I sign on (I like to first check who is online before I connect), so that the other people won't know I've connected. Is this possible? MSN Messenger wouldn't let me do it either, so maybe it's not. I'm not that great of a C programmer, but with some guidance I could try to implement it myself (I was thinking something like adding the hiding as one of the sign up process steps). Any ideas? Thanks.

    • Nicolas GIF

      Nicolas GIF - 2005-01-28

      Account states should be kept when we close a session

    • Felipe Contreras

      This is alredy being worked on. It will be available in 2.0.0, but don't wait for it, it will take a while.


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