No such command.

  • Jason Sessler

    Jason Sessler - 2004-09-23

    I'm just curious if this is normal or not, but I was trying to send an IM with a linux path, and in the conversation window it said "No such command.". It did not send the message or anything, but if I add other characters before the pathname, it would send it..

    I.e. Sending an IM with only /var/www/htdocs/images caused the No Such Command, but sending it with a "-" in front of it did not cause the error, and the IM was sent.

    Like I said, I'm just curious if this is suppose to happen.


    • Daniel Atallah

      Daniel Atallah - 2004-09-23

      Yes, this is correct.  If the text starts with "/" it is considered to be a command.  You can just put a space in front to avoid this.

      use "/help" to see which commands are available

    • Jason Sessler

      Jason Sessler - 2004-09-23

      Gotcha... Thanks

      • Tim Ringenbach

        Tim Ringenbach - 2004-09-24

        There's also a pref to make unknown commands send as if they weren't commands.


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