MSN:Error reading from notification Server

  • Somsak Pattanaprateep

    I use gaim-0.81-1.FC2

    please suggest me

    • alonsoac

      alonsoac - 2004-08-19

      I have the same problem with 0.81, 0.80 or 0.79. It just started one day and I can't login to msn since then. I have VMware with Win98 running inside the linux (Redhat 7.3), the microsoft client and even gaim for windows connect without problem. But the linux client always fails after sending password. I installed the new versions of gnutls, nss, nspr, I tried compiling with both or only with one (TLS / NSPR+NSS) and no change.

      I compiled with debug enabled and the output seems to stall when gaim is making DNS queries, it eventually resolves but then it aborts the connection and gives the error.

      I can copy the debug ouput if anyone thiks it might help.

      Other protocols and everything else in the PC work fine.

    • Somsak Pattanaprateep

      I use account connect via proxy and when i look compare window messanger and gaim on squid log it seem gaim not redirect to

    • alonsoac

      alonsoac - 2004-08-19

      I just wanted to add that the problem is only on linux in my machine. On other machine in same network it works fine, on win98 in same machine it works fine, with wingaim or ms client.

    • Wade Benson

      Wade Benson - 2004-08-22

      Well I'm having this problem on linux also..  What can we provide to support to help resolve this issue.. I haven't been able to log into msn for months now.

      I also have a vmware running windows XP and the MSN messenger works just fine in Windows XP.

      From what I can tell it tries to connect to the server .. gets to the part where it's sending the password.. but then times out.  And goes nowhere.

      • Felipe Contreras

        Maybe you are behind a firewall and you can't connect to


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