Hanging out in Invis.

  • Hellif

    Hellif - 2008-08-15

    I have the latest version, but I've noticed a strange trend.  ANYBODY who shows up as available for chat (even for a second or 2) while I'm in invisible mode ends up showing as "blocked".  Which means half my f'n list ends up blocked if I go to bed in "invisible" mode.

    I've found it's easy to reverse the blocks, but still, something is wrong here.  There is absolutely no reason that friends who happen to log in when I'm in invisible mode (w/out trying to contact me) are automatically added to my block list.

    Tested a bit more.  If I close the program while in invisible mode, then restart it, EVERYBODY on my list is now on my block list.  And yes, I'm set to resume whatever mode I was in when I restart Pidgin.

    Something here is very wrong.

    • luminous lemon

      luminous lemon - 2008-08-18

      i found that if i had anyone in my block list then when i logged in something strange happened where all contacts from m-z got blocked. really quite annoying. the only solution i have found is to set privacy to allow everyone to contact me, and slowly the people i didnt want to talk to have given up. this is for yahoo only. msn doesnt seem to have this problem.


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