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Pidgin-Paranoia 0.4.0 released!

0.4 is here! In this release we added translation support. A German translation is available and it is simple to add additional translations. Contributions are very welcome.

The plugin is now well tested and suitable for everyday use.

Posted by Simon Wenner 2009-09-08

Pidgin-Paranoia 0.3.0 released!

Our third release focuses on stability and usability improvements.

Session handshake can be expected to work _all_ the time, the user gets live feedback about the current state during key generation and the consistency of received messages is checked.

In addition, 0.3 provides performance improvements that allow the software to scale better then ever with the increasing number of paranoid people in your contact who all have an increasing number of concurrent keys. ... read more

Posted by Christian Wäckerlin 2008-10-04

Pidgin-Paranoia 0.2.0 released!

Our second release brings many new features like support for multiple keys per buddy, a new threaded keygen and better handling of the keyfiles. We think it is pretty stable and consider it in late alpha stage since it is not 100% feature complete. But it should be suitable for everyday use.

For your convenience Debian/Ubuntu packages are supplied for i386/amd64. read more

Posted by Simon Wenner 2008-03-26

Pidgin-Paranoia - The one-time pad plugin for pidgin

Enjoy our first release! Pidgin-Paranoia 0.1.0! Basic functionality of information-theoretically secure encrypted instant messaging and key generation is provided. We consider it alpha quality, but it should not SIGSEGV :-)

Posted by Simon Wenner 2007-12-30