Quite a few issues

By now, we have quite a few issues with the plugin. For an instance, there is the lack of packagers and distribution engineers. And as of Pidgin 2.5.0, the plugin does not even show up in the plugin list.

As SF.net has managed to get the FRS intact again, my hopes towards the future of the plugin have become bigger. I conclude that there will be an entirely healthy environment when v0.4 of the plugin is released, which will be in the first weeks of November.

By then, we might not have packages for all Linux distributions, let alone have the project included in the major distributions. But the plugin will be available in a new and shiny and, what is most important, working form for everyone.

In v0.4, there will also be some new features, but this requires a complete re-design of the cource code, so be patient with that ;) ...

Posted by Dominik George 2008-09-17

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