How can you tell it's working?

  • Erik Johnson

    Erik Johnson - 2008-11-18

    I have installed and configured the plugin, however I don't know how to tell for sure that it's working.  I added myself as a buddy in Pidgin and I didn't see the most recently played track anywhere, even with buddy details turned on.  I right-clicked on my username in the buddy list and clicked "Get Info" and didn't see the information there, either.

    • Dominik George

      Dominik George - 2008-11-18

      Hi locura80,

      if you habe configured the plugin ***and your status message** correctly, you will see the message with the jokers replaced in the status drop down box at the bottom of the buddy list window.

      If you don't see anything, you certainly did not follow the configuration guide and are not using a saved status containg the %s joker!


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Can anybody tell me, where I can find a User-Guide or manpage or sth? Where is that secret place, where I can find documentation? Can't find it :-)


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