not sending status

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi. I installed the latest version of the plugin, I set my status with the correct placeholder, and I see the status message updating in Pidgin (the placeholder is replaced with the song name). But others see my status with the placeholder not replaced...


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      ok.... checked the plugin source and figured it out. it only works with saved status messages.

      • Dominik George

        Dominik George - 2009-02-26

        You could as well haev figured that out by simply reading the documentation / installation guide.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes, I have read again the guide and finally found where this is mentioned. This took some perseverance, as the site is down most of the time ("Server is currently too busy; please come back later").

      P.S. I have modified the plugin to use the old API (radio/np.php) as it seems more reliable (the current API reports songs in the wrong order, and the nowplaying attribute is practically arbitrary).


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