• Brian J. Murrell

    No offence, but this does not look maintained.  Even the domain in the plugin information, is all but defunct.  Well the domain works, but nothing useful can be found at/with it.  There is no A record for www.naturalnet.de nor pidgin-lastfm.naturalnet.de as the plugin documents.  The e-mail contact information in the plugin is defunct also:

    host placebox.naturalnet.de
        said: 450 4.1.1 <pidgin-lastfm@naturalnet.de>: Recipient address rejected:
        User unknown in local recipient table (in reply to RCPT TO command)

    Given the lack of anything new here and the above, it appears that Dominik is doing everything he can to divorce himself from this project.

    Oh well.

  • Dominik George

    Dominik George - 2010-03-30

    Right, it's currently unmaintained. That's because Pidgin's Perl API is getting more and more pittyful with every new version they release. Probably there will be a new version, maybe there won't. I'm currently considering merging bits to YuLastFM.

    The website is offlin, because, well, I was too lazy to set it up on my new server hardware. I will do so this weekend I think. I neglected it until now because it showed that noone ever read it. The mail address should be there though, looks like I silently dropped it when writing alias maps. Shame on me.

    I promise to make a decision until mid April. It will be either official drop of the project, or a new version.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    New version, please :(


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