#12 Different status messages


If the status message is set to away and there is no placeholder, the plugin complains, resets placeholders and stops doing its job.

An idea would be to do just nothing if no placeholder is found, leaving it to the user to reset placeholders if he or she thinks something is going wrong.

I am leaving this to open discussion as a bug report to see whether there are better ideas :)


  • Dominik George

    Dominik George - 2008-04-30

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    Originator: YES

    I just took the users' desire for this change for granted and fixed it - changing the message works now.

    The plugin will checke whether it finds the placeholder in the current status message. If it does, it will go ahead and modify. If it doesn't, it will complain in the debugging output (on info level :)) and schedule the next cycle.

    If the user *has* a palceholder in his message and it still thinks there isn't, he or she can fix it by setting the standard placeholders and resetting the plugin cache via the entry in the Tools submenu.

  • Dominik George

    Dominik George - 2008-04-30
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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