Error in decryption- asking for resend...

  • David A. Gershman

    I know this was brought about earlier, but I'm getting the same issue with *short* messages:

    I have 2 accounts on different services all with the same username.  My wife has the same setup.  So when I view the recent keys, I "see" 2 identical usernames with different keys.

    We're logged into both protocols, but I send an encrypted message to her on 1 (Yahoo).  Msg: Test Message 1
    It goes fine and shows on her screen.  She then responds with "Test Message 2" and on her screen shows:

      Last outgoing message not received properly, resetting...

    And on my screen I see "Error in decryption- asking for resend..." and then the second message.

    As far as I can tell, her response did not encrypt properly...perhaps because her client used an incorrect key?  i.e. the key from the other service but with the same username? 

    If this sounds right, are there any plans to select the key to use based on username *and* protocol?

    If this is not currect and the current code *is* doing that, any ideas?  These are not long messages as you can tell.

    Here are the stats:

    Machine 1:
       Linux, Gaim v1.5.0, Gaim-Encryption 2.38 (Gaim 1.5.0)

    Machine 2:
      WinME, Gaim 1.5.0, Gaim-Encryption 2.38 (Gaim 1.3.1)
      ( No joke, we yanked all old version off the WinME box and installed Gaim 1.5.0 but the plugin still states Gaim 1.3.1?!?)


    • Bill Tompkins

      Bill Tompkins - 2005-08-20

      The current code does store (your own) keys by account name and  protocol.  The protocol was added a bit ago... so if you've been using the plugin for a while you may have some "old-style" keys.  To check- look in your .gaim/id file, and see whether the key looks like:

      (an old-style key)
      BillTompkins2 NSS 1.0 MIGfMA0...
      (a new-style key)
      BillTtest2,prpl-oscar NSS 1.0 MIGfMA0...

      One thing to realize is that the keys that are used are transmitted every time: the known_keys file is used to check any received keys to detect any man-in-the-middle.  So, if your wife's message was sent with the wrong key, it was probably sent the wrong key by your client.  That might be the case if you've got an old-style key file on your side.  If that's the case, regenerating your keys might fix the problem.

      I'm curious- after getting that message when she sends the first response, do future messages produce the same error, or has it worked itself out at that point?


    • hjheins

      hjheins - 2005-09-14

      I'm having the same problem.
      My keys are clean (I removed the id file).
      The system does get back to life again as soon as the other side sends me a message again.
      My original messages never get there though, so I have to send them again.
      This problem occurs on jabber and ICQ for me, so I guess it's a gaim-encryption problem (both parties use it, of course).



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