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Encryption and AIM

  • LithiumGreen

    LithiumGreen - 2007-10-26

    I'm having an issue that only seems to be a problem with AIM: I am not receiving keys at all via AIM, but other protocols are working fine. I've tried deleting all keys, moving the folder, etc. It's a problem with every person I try it with. And only on AIM.

    Has anyone else seen this problem, and do you have a solution?

    • Jacques Burger

      Jacques Burger - 2007-10-26

      I am having the same issue, no solution yet though.  Noticed on another board some comments about it yesterday, but can't find the link again, will post it when I find it.

      Other people have similar issue where the chat gets stuck at "Requesting key" on AIM chats, gTalk & MSN works fine though.

    • Jacques Burger

      Jacques Burger - 2007-10-26

      Seems a fix will come out this weekend in the form of Pidgin Encryption 3.1

    • hElmut Wieser

      hElmut Wieser - 2007-12-06

      I've tried to use pidgin-encryption 3.0 on pidgin 2.3.0 on Windows XP, and on AIM/ICQ I am stuck just as the fellas above.
      Any pointers?


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