Error in decryption- asking for resend...

  • Anonymous - 2004-06-04

    I seem to keep getting this error (Error in decryption- asking for resend...) when I send long messages -- I'm guessing that I'm hitting the text limit for the encryption plugin or GAIM or both. 

    Any chance that you could provide a more informative error to indicate if that's the case?

    • Bill Tompkins

      Bill Tompkins - 2004-06-04

      I'm assuming that you're seeing this message when you are receiving an overly long message, rather than when you are sending one.

      The plugin tries to split up long messages so that they don't get truncated by the IM servers:  AIM, MSN, Yahoo, etc... all have different message limits, and some of them truncate, others will just give errors.  What protocol are you having this trouble with?

      You should be able to see the truncation in the debug log: the incoming message will not have the closing tag on it.

      I'll look at adding a separate detection for this case.  Unfortunately, it is the receiver who will see the error (ie not the person who sent the long message).



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