gaim 0.76 and gaim-encryption 2.22

  • Anonymous - 2004-04-05

    hi, I am using gaim 0.76 with gaim-encryption 2.22 and mozilla 1.7b on a Win2K machine. After enabling encryption in plugins section, and trying to send an encrypted message, messaging window is stuck with "Requesting key" message. any ideas? thanks in advance.

    • Bill Tompkins

      Bill Tompkins - 2004-04-05

      Does the person you are chatting with have the plugin?

      • Anonymous - 2004-04-05

        yes, both have the exact same configuration, with 2 different MSN ids enabled.

    • Mike Potter

      Mike Potter - 2004-04-05

      I have the same issue.  Encryption worked before .76 and I have two computers, with different accounts (MSN, AIM, and ICQ tested).  None of the protocols work with the WIN version.  The sender requests key, and the person the message is sent to just gets the HTML tag requesting the key.  Both my systems have the same .76 plug-in installed and activated.

    • Anonymous - 2004-04-06

      Hey Bill

      I'm getting the same problem after creating the .debs for Gaim + Gaim-encryption.
      I figure it has something to do with the newly implemented rich text editing and the new handling of tags in the message body.
      Could I be right?

    • Bill Tompkins

      Bill Tompkins - 2004-04-06

      Whew.  Well, I tracked down the issue for ICQ (which affected my Windows build, but not Linux... I don't know why).   That is fixed in CVS.

      The bad news is that Yahoo still seems to be broken.  I haven't checked MSN yet.

      Yes, it looks like this is mainly the fault of protocols suddenly being HTML-aware and trying to be "smart" (and thus stripping out, or escaping, or modifying the HTML that Gaim-Encryption uses to hide messages and headers).  Sigh.  I'd like to not break backwards compatibility over this, but the header-parsing code is getting very ugly, as every protocol seems to manage to mangle it in a different way.

      I'll post a release by the end of the week, with as many protocols working as I can debug by then.  Hopefully that will be all of them :)


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