What's Up With Gmail?

Jimmy Jim
  • Jimmy Jim

    Jimmy Jim - 2009-09-05

    Recently I've noticed a major problem using Pidgin-Encryption (P-E) with Gmail. I'm not able to share keys between Gmail-users since the last couple of days.

    When I start a chat, I get a window called; [XMPP Message Error] - "Message delivery to {gmail-address}@gmail.com failed: (Code 503) *** Encrypted with Gaim-Encryption plugin: Send Key". The receiver only sees "Requesting Key..." and nothing happens anymore.

    It all worked fine before, but the troubles started when Google went offline just a couple days ago caused by some major crash. Because of this, I deduce that these problems are not caused by P-E in anyway, but by Google. Somehow they stopped allowing the sharing of keys, making it impossible to setup an encrypted chat.

    So, I naturally tested some others, like Yahoo and ICQ. No problems there. Keys are swapped and I can chatter away, encrypted!

    Not quitting at the first signs of trouble, I then send my pubkey using email, as did the receiver to me. We both placed each others pubkeys into the known_keys file, but still we where not able to chat. Again the same error window appears using Gmail, since P-E still needs to send keys for that particular session.

    We are running the latest versions of Pidgin en Pidgin-Encryption, but like I said before, it used to work, even with old versions and now suddenly it doesn't!

    Are there any others having such problems with Gmail? What could the problem be and can we fix it or is Gmail becoming "evil"?


    • Jimmy Jim

      Jimmy Jim - 2009-09-05

      Found the solution already. It's because of Pidgin 2.6.1. Installing an older version 2.5.5 made it work again.

      I just read the "Open Discussion Forum", so this one is closed for comments!


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