Which NSS version?

Jimmy Jim
  • Jimmy Jim

    Jimmy Jim - 2008-11-09


    I was just wondering. If I generate a new key, say a 2048 or 4096 bit key, I can see it uses NSS 1.0 while NSS 3.0 is already been released. Since I work on a Windows XP (sp3) I searched my system and I found different files called NSS3.dll.

    The newest of 'em all is the one in my Mozilla Firefox directory. Others are in my Mozilla Thunderbird, OpenOffice and Pidgin directory. The one in the Pidgin directory is version v3.11.4.0.

    Does that mean your wonderful plugin uses NSS 1.0 or NSS ...or am I clearly oblivious of how this stuff works?


    • Bill Tompkins

      Bill Tompkins - 2008-11-12

      Sorry, that dialog is a little confusing.  The plugin uses whichever NSS version that Pidgin is using, in your case.

      The "NSS 1.0" refers to the version of the Plugin's Encryption protocol (that is, the first one that uses NSS).  The plugin is written in a modular way to support multiple encryption methods, though in practice the "NSS 1.0" is the only one used.


      • Jimmy Jim

        Jimmy Jim - 2008-11-12

        Okay.. as far as my little walnut dinosaur brain can comprehend, I wonder, as always..... how secure is it? I mean, does a 2048 bit key length really means there's a total of 2^2048 possible keys? So basically, unbreakable, since that's going take a "gazillion years"... if I'm not mistaken, even with todays distributed brute force projects!

        I really really gotta be sure about this. ;-)



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