• Clay Zahrobsky

    Clay Zahrobsky - 2007-05-01

    got to be the PITA that asks . . .

    How soon before a Pidgin release or has someone figured out how to use the current with the new pidgin release?

    • Bill Tompkins

      Bill Tompkins - 2007-05-02

      I just checked in a whole pile of changes, to make the transition from Gaim -> Pidgin/Purple.  Anyone feeling brave should back up their .gaim directory, and try it out.


    • Florian Schäfer


      we spent last night to port the whole gaim-encryption sources to pidgin-encryption.
      The plugin is tested and seems working in all areas as the previous plugin.

      Get the source package at:
      For openSUSE 10.2 there is a repository at:


    • Florian Schäfer

      ups, uploaded the wrong source package. get is the correct one here:

    • Leif Sawyer

      Leif Sawyer - 2007-05-02

      Great.   Gonna give that a try with my linux box.

      How about a windows build, for the poor ms'rs?

    • Bill Pier

      Bill Pier - 2007-05-02

      I built the pidgin-encryption 3.0b9 on my system, install and tested it with Pidgin 2.0b7; it works fine
      and I found no problems.



      system:  Mandriva Linux 2006.0 (Kernel 2.6.12)

    • Erik Grudzien

      Erik Grudzien - 2007-05-03

      Pidgin-Encryption 3.0b9 with Pidgin 2.0b7 builds and run perfect on Kubuntu Feisty AMD64!

    • Vaughn

      Vaughn - 2007-05-04

      Has anybody build a Windows version yet or found a way to use the old plugin with pidgin?


    • Florian Schäfer


      pidgin-encryption should build with the "Makefile.mingw" with minor tweaks on Windows. If you know how to build pidgin on Windows, the plugin should build fine. I can't do this, because lack of Windows. There is no way to use the old plugin with pidgin, because of API changes. It seems that Bill is working on finishing the port on weekend. So if you still can wait some more days...


    • Vaughn

      Vaughn - 2007-05-04

      Thanks for the info.

      I think I can wait some more days :)

      I saw that the final Pidgin was released? But seems to be down?


    • Ferenc Boldog

      Ferenc Boldog - 2007-05-04


      You can get win32 version (based on: pidgin-encryption-3.0beta9.tar.bz2 + current pidgin sources) from there:

      i not guarantee anything :)

      - no install
      - no translations
      - only the plugin and icons

    • Ferenc Boldog

      Ferenc Boldog - 2007-05-04

      Hi again,

      the installer version with translations available from :

      no installer with translations: (updated)


    • Erik Grudzien

      Erik Grudzien - 2007-05-04

      Ferenc, you Win32 Build of Beta9 works great with Pidgin 2.0 final that came out this morning. Their site is down... but you can get the 2.0 final source and win32 binary from the SF project page.

    • Ferenc Boldog

      Ferenc Boldog - 2007-05-04

      I build daily basics pidgin from the monotone repo :)

      But the fresh build available from the current address, based on the stable pidgin 2.0.0 source code.


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