Auto-Encrypt Persistence

  • tomlinsorm

    tomlinsorm - 2005-08-23

    Should the buddy Auto-Encrypt functionality persist across restarts of Gaim?  I right-click on a buddy, select "Turn Auto-Encrypt On," send and receive a message, and exit Gaim.  When Gaim is started back up, right-clicking on the Buddy reveals that Auto-Encrypt is no longer on.  Gaim 1.5.0 (Windows XP SP2) and Gaim-Encryption 2.38. 


    • Bill Tompkins

      Bill Tompkins - 2005-08-26

      Yes, it should persist across restarts, and does for me in recent tests.  This persistence uses the same underpinnings in Gaim that cause the minimizing of buddy list groups to persist as well.  That is, if my buddies are put into two groups, I can click on the little downward triangle next to a group name, and the entries in that group are hidden (and the triangle turns into a sideways triangle).  If I restart, that group starts out minimized again.  Does that fail to persist as well, in your case?

    • tomlinsorm

      tomlinsorm - 2005-08-27

      Interesting!  When initially testing this, my buddies weren't in any groups (or if they were, it was Gaim's default unamed group).  After putting them in a named group, Auto-Encrypt persisted across restarts.  Maybe a bug in Gaim?  FWIW, the Auto-Encrypt setting was in my blist.xml after Gaim exited and was overwritten after logging in the next time.  Thanks, Bill.


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