Aaron - 2007-07-17

Hello, using Pidgin-Encryption 3.0 on Pidgin 2.0.2 on Windows.

When chatting with another buddy with the same setup, we both have the options checked to "Broadcast encryption capability" and "Automatically encrypt if buddy has the plug-in."

In a new conversation, encryption is not automatically enabled on both sides until both people have received a message – this is expected behavior, I suppose, since each person has to receive a message to know that the other person has the plug-in.

The problem is, using this method to automatically enable encryption, the first encrypted message always results in a "Last outgoing message not received properly- resetting" for the sender and a "Error in decryption- asking for resend..." for the receiver (doesn't seem to matter which person the message came from).  Subsequent messages are fine.  The message is *not* automatically resent, even though it says "Asking for resend" on the receiver side.

Anyone seen anything like this before?