Plugin hangs requesting Key

  • David Dawson

    David Dawson - 2003-05-14

    After the first few (successful) attempts at secure IM, whenever I try and talk to someone with the plugin it hangs at "Requesting key . . ."    and doesn't do anything.  If I send another message, it does the request again.  If I switch off the plugin I can send text in the clear. 
    I have gaim 0.62 with the fedora redhat rpms. I have tried connecting to windows machines with the 0.62CVS  precompiled binaries over the yahoo transport.  I have also replicated the problem between 2 windows machines with the same version.
    Any ideas?

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2003-05-19

      I have a similar error, afer installing gaim and gaim-encrypt with the fedora rpms on RH 9 gaim crashes back to desktop when trying to send an encrypted message to a buddy on using gaim-encrypt on a windows machine.

      Dunno, maybe try build it all from source?

    • Bill Tompkins

      Bill Tompkins - 2003-05-26

      Yahoo has been acting very strange recently- changing its behavior with very long messages (which the plugin needs).  This problem may be related to that.  Rate limiting can also be an issue, since the plugin sends keys with background messages.

      Things you could try:

      Try the new (1.19) release with Gaim 0.63.  I'm guessing that Fedora will have this very soon.  I can't think of any bugfixes that be directly applicable, but enough stuff was reworked that this might have been fixed as a side-effect.

      Run Gaim from the command line with the -d option (or open up the Gaim debug window).  The output might be useful to me for debugging these issues.

    • REd

      REd - 2003-08-25

      I am seeing the same thing on yahoo network with gaim 0.64  talking to windows users of .066 and .067  Just hangs Requesting Key.... same thing on thier side as well


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