Longer keys

  • David A. Gershman

    The default length is 1024.  How do I create longer keys lengths like 2048 or 4096?


  • Jimmy Jim

    Jimmy Jim - 2009-12-14

    Simple… just go to the plugins window under menu "Tools" (or Ctrl-U) and select the Pidgin-encryption plugin and click "Configure Plugin". Go to the "Local Keys" tab and select a key, then click "Regenerate Key". Next change the "Key size" to whatever you like, but the limit is 4096 bit. Keep in mind though, the bigger the size, the longer the messages and thus takes longer to encrypt/decrypt!

    Notice, if you just configured a new account in Pidgin, you'll have to restart Pidgin so Pidgin-encryption can create a key for it. This will be the first key with a 1024 bit key size.

    Good luck


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