How do I add a key to Trusted Buddy Keys?

  • Anonymous - 2006-05-08

    I'm using Gaim-Encryption 3.0beta5 with Gaim 2.0.0beta3 and I don't see how to add a key to the plugin's list of Trusted Buddy Keys.

    I go to Tools->Plugins->Gaim-Encryption->Configure Plugin
    Then I see the ability to 'Copy Finger to Clipboard' of Recent Buddy Keys but I don't see how I can paste this into Trusted Buddy Keys.

    Am I missing something or is there an approach I should be using?

    • Bill Tompkins

      Bill Tompkins - 2006-05-10

      Currently, the only two ways to get a key into your "trusted" list are either to click on "Accept and Save" when the key dialog pops up (at the start of the conversation), or to put it into your known_keys file in your .gaim directory by hand.

      You're right, there should be a way to use the Configuration key dialog to "trust" keys; that's now on the todo list.



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