The SSL to connect to a server or ex.messages

  • Travis Loyd

    Travis Loyd - 2003-07-02

    Is this the SSL similar in other Jabber clients which lets you connect to server requiring SSL or is this for exchanging messages between clients.

    I've used Jabber clients which connected with SSL then used a seperate PGP scheme to exchange encrypted messages with other users.

    So which is this?  And, if this is the SSL to connect to a server will using the Netscape libraries be as compatable as when OpenSSL was being used.

    • Bill Tompkins

      Bill Tompkins - 2003-07-02

      This plugin does not use SSL; it does end-to-end encryption with RSA (like your Jabber clients that use PGP (usually RSA or DSA) for end-to-end encryption).

      In the past, the plugin has used the OpenSSL library (or more properly, the crypto library that the OpenSSL library sits on top of) for the RSA encryption.  In the future, it wil use the NSS libraries for the crypto routines.


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