Key storage fromat?

  • Delchi

    Delchi - 2007-05-07

    How are encryption keys stored in the id, id.priv, and known_keys file?

    If I were to look at the key fingerprints from within GAIM they are in hex :   A1;B2;C3 ...etc...
    In the files, they appear to be base 64 encoded ( but I could be wrong ) .. there appers to be multiple fields seperated by " / ".

    So... what is the format used for storing keys in the id, id.priv and known_keys files, and how do you translated from the data inthose files to teh hex key fingerprint that is displayed within GAIM?

    • Bill Tompkins

      Bill Tompkins - 2007-05-15

      There isn't a straightforward way for users to translate between the data in the file and the key fingerprint:  the key fingerprint is a cryptographic hash of the public key.  The key files are meant to be human-readable (to a point) and human-editable, but for purposes of communicating with other users (to eliminate any possibility of a man-in-the-middle attack), the key fingerprints are included in the GUI display.


      • Delchi

        Delchi - 2007-05-18


        What I'm after is the ability to pregenerate keys using an external script, and insert them into the data file, ala a one time pad. Let's say that I pregenerate 30 days worth of unique keys, and at midnight a script inserts that days key into the data file. I've worked out most of the other details, but modifying the key file has stumped me.


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