"GECRYPT:" precedes MSN messages

  • Anthony

    Anthony - 2006-01-03

    When I get an encrypted message in MSN, where the lock icon is supposed to be in the beta version (on Windows), the text "GECRYPT:" instead precedes incoming and outgoing encrypted messages.

    When I click on another conversation and go back to the encrypted MSN message, the lock icon appears, instead of the text, "GECRYPT:". 

    The lock icon seems to appear properly with incoming/outgoing messages immediately in other protocols, but not with MSN (using gaim 2.0 beta, btw).

    Any help identifying where this problem is coming from would be appreciated.


    • Bill Tompkins

      Bill Tompkins - 2006-02-21

      Sorry I missed this before, Anthony.  As posted on the bugtracker, I think that this has been fixed by the inclusion of a space after the "GECRYPT:" smiley-text, to prevent it from being combined with something else as a smiley.  At least it works fine for me now on MSN (with CVS).



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