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Pidin-Encryption and Pidgin 2.6.1?

  • mieses

    mieses - 2009-08-21

    Has anyone successfully used Pidin-Encryption with Pidgin 2.6.1?

    I copied encrypt.dll into the plugins directory.  The buttons and plugin control panel work.  But encrypted messaging is not working.  If I delete the known keys,  a new key is not offered when an encrypted message is received.  I had no problems with Pidgin 2.5.

    • Artur Pinheiro

      Artur Pinheiro - 2009-08-24

      the same is happening to me

      • Adam Stovicek

        Adam Stovicek - 2009-08-31

        I've been upgrading Pidgin on my Ubuntu machines through the Pidgin Developers PPA at Launchpad. Since 2.6.1, the plugin will not function properly with Google's XMPP. Yahoo still functions normally. I purged 2.6.1 and reinstalled 2.5.5 from the Jaunty repos and everything is back to normal.

    • Jimmy Jim

      Jimmy Jim - 2009-09-06

      I work with windows XP and can confirm these problems as well. I also dumped the 2.6.1 and installed 2.5.8. It now works as before, but logging on to ICQ fails. Read that this is due to a change in login scheme at AOL/ICQ and that this problem was resolved in the later versions of pidgin. Still, I'm a happy camper since the big three (Google/Yahoo/MSN) work fine.

      Any news if there's an Pidgin-Enc update coming or is this project dead as doornail?


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