nss memory leak

  • hjheins

    hjheins - 2006-09-18

    Hello Bill,

    I just saw the mail thread about the memory leak in gaim-encryption. Curiously I just surfed here, as I had exactly the sort of troubles the patches are for, so I guess I'm lucky here ;-)
    I saw you released a 2.39 for gaim 1.5.0 users.
    When do you plan to do a release of the 3.0 series with this fix?

    For now I just took the cvs and made it into a .deb package for Sid. You can find it here: http://hjh.passys.nl/Debian/Sid

    • Bill Tompkins

      Bill Tompkins - 2006-10-25

      The fixes in 2.39 are actually backported from the 3.0beta branch, so they're in the current release.



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