Chris Stanton - 2010-05-18

Pidgin encryption plugin 3.0 stopped working for me with the latest version of Pidgin (2.7.0), so because I love the plugin so much I compiled the 3.1 from the source.

To save anyone else the hassle you can download here.

It's a winrar sfx so you can just point it to your Pidin folder and extract it. It'll overwrite any previous pidgin encryption plugin. I haven't looked into better installer methods.

I also love this plugin so much I put together a bit of a guide and I included some screenshots using Wireshark to help demonstrate that the conversation is encrypted compared to not. I think it may help to demonstrate just what the plugin is doing and builds well on top of what's already on the P-E website.

Feedback and recommendations appreciated, files are virus-free, use at your own risk, I'm not forcing you to.

Enjoy. Thanks.