windows compatibility

El Santo
  • El Santo

    El Santo - 2002-12-18

    does (or will do in a near future) this plugin compile for windows builds of gaim?

    if someone did it... could he/she/it made it public


    • Bill Tompkins

      Bill Tompkins - 2003-01-20

      I haven't yet tried to build the windows version of gaim, or compile the plugin for it.  I suspect that most windows users don't have OpenSSL installed (although it should compile just fine for Windows).  I also don't know how the C plugins work for the windows version- something might need to be adjusted in the plugin code.

      This is something that I'd like to do, but I don't forsee having the time to work on it in the near future.  Help (especially from anyone who actually compiles/runs the windows version) would be appreciated.


    • Bill Tompkins

      Bill Tompkins - 2003-02-16

      Thanks to Duane Toler, the plugin now does compile and work under Windows.  Check
      for details.


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